CarrieP (cpadian) wrote in fatrights,

I need ideas

So.  This summer I am taking a month-long road trip through the US.  I'm planning to go down the west coast, hit Vegas and the Grand Canyon, go across the South to Atlanta, back up to DC and NYC and then back west via Chicago and Fargo, ND, Yellowstone, etc.

Anyway, this morning I've been thinking about ways to make an impact on the fat-phobic world with this trip.  I'd like to work in as many things as possible that fat people "can't" or "aren't supposed to" do.  I'd basically like to debunk the idea that you can't live your life until you are no longer fat. 

I'm planning on blogging and taking photos about whatever I do, possibly video if I can wrangle a camera from somewhere.  So far I'm definitely going bungee jumping, camping/hiking and possibly taking a dance class but I need some more ideas.  Any thoughts?  Email 'em to carrie at  Thanks!
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